Ottlite Thrive Led Sanitizing Desk Lamp Review

Ottlite Thrive LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp

What do we usually mean by a desk lamp? A simple light source that will provide enough light and illuminate my desk well. But Ottlite has taken the desk lamp concept to a new height. They invented a new desk lamp where you will get a Table clock, USB Charging Port, Sanitizing power, and so more in addition with the light. 

Our desks are covered in germs. Statistics showed that two-thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks. What if you get enough daylight as well as proven sanitizing power at your workplace with a desk lamp? Ottlite makes it possible. Now you can take control of your space and kill harmful bacteria by simply turning on your desk lamp. And the most amazing thing is it’s safe for both eyes and skin. 

Let’s see how it works,

Ottlite uses a narrow band of visible light to suppress bacteria, molds, fungi and spores including MRSA, salmonella, listeria and E. coli. Specific photosensitive micro organisms absorb 405 nanometer light through their cell walls and cause the development of destructive oxygen species accelerating their inactivation. This visible light disinfection can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces. 

Product overview

Ottlite new sanitizing lamp is the first and only desk lamp designed to break down harmful bacteria, mold, and fungus. So you can enjoy a healthier space where you work. 

This is the winner of Better Homes & Gardens Clean House Award 2022 for “Best Sanitizing Light”.


High quality plastic material has been used to build the desk lamp. At the top of the lamp you will see something like leather. However, it’s plastic, not leather. They designed it like that way.

What’s best on this,

SpectraClean technology: The SpectraClean technology continuously sanitizes harmful microorganisms and bacteria to maintain a healthy environment on your desk.

ClearSun LED Technology: This ClearSun LED technology provides clear natural daylight and reduces eye strain by up to 51%. So, you will be able to see more clearly and spend more time on your desk. 

Mode changing: Different modes to help you see clearly and reduce eyestrain as well as sanitize while you work. Use the blended ClearSun and Sanitizing mode while you work to get the clear, crisp, and natural daylight. Use the ClearSun only mode for the best in eye strain reduction and color rendering or use sanitize only for when you’re away. 

With the flexible neck you can adjust the height from 10 to 18.75 inches. And this flexible neck helps you to reduce high glare by bending and adjusting it where you need it. 

A built-in USB charging port (convenient 5V, 2.1A) has been used to charge your smartphone or tablets and other devices.

With the Touch activated controls you can customize your LED lighting experience. You can change the brightness levels and lighting modes easily. 

A nice looking convenient clock with LCD screen which displays time, day of the week, date and ambient temperature. Another interesting thing is you can set the alarm. 

This modern and sleek looking lamp will take only a little space on your desk. The (2.56 in x 3.5 in) small base size is enough to keep the lamp stable on your desk surface. 

The dimming feature is great enough which we can use as a night light for our office or bedroom. 

It’s best for you if,

If you want to keep your desk clean and free from harmful bacteria then you can use this desk lamp. 

If you want to keep a clock on your desk and not to look anywhere else to see the time, this lamp is for you. Really, you will love the clock feature of this lamp. 

The main purpose of purchasing a desk lamp is to get enough light. Please be sure that you will not be disappointed if you buy this lamp. It will provide clear light and your eyes will feel good. You will not find any complaints about the light of this lamp. 


It’s very annoying that the clock/alarm goes off when there is a power outage. 

No battery has been used for the lamp. So, without electricity you can’t use it.

Only a very small battery (coin/button cell battery) has been used for the purpose of the clock. However, it will not display the time or light the lamp.  

To set the time and date is a little bit tricky. So, you may face some difficulty setting the clock time and date at the first time. 

Installation details

It’s very easy to install. Just open the packing box and remove the plastic cover. Place the lamp base on a flat surface. Connect the cable with the lamp and plug the adapter with your power supply. Touch the power button to turn on the lamp.  

Product specifications

Manufacturer Ottlite
Weight 1.1 pounds
Material Plastic
Wattage 5.86 watts
Bulb typeLED
Color Temperature5000 Kelvin
Color Rendering Index95+
Power inputAC 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz 
Illuminance 447 lumen
LED lifetime40,000 hours
Base size2.56 in x 3.5 in
Product Color VariationWhite only
Final verdict

Ottlite sanitizing lamp provides excellent natural daylight illumination while continuously cleaning your phone, laptop and more. It can be a perfect addition to your work desk. 

This ultimate healthy light is so easy to use, great for working from home. 

You can create a healthier workspace every time you turn on your desk lamp. 

If you want a good desk lamp for your office or home office, you can surely buy this proven sanitizing power lamp. You will like it like others. I believe the features of this lamp will impress you.

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