BenQ e-Reading led desk lamp review. Best Desk lamp for Computer Work

BenQ e-Reading led desk lamp review

We live in an age where we spend a lot of time staring at digital screens. Whether it may be a computer, mobile or tablet screen.

The majority of people either use very low light or no light apart from computer screen’s light while using computer. And it can be harmful to our health.

We can use a desk lamp to solve this lighting issue. And it would be great if there’s a desk lamp especially designed for the digital era.

The good news is that BenQ has developed a completely new desk lamp by thinking about the people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen.

This is the world’s first desk lamp especially designed for e-reading. It is one of the most advanced desk lamps which has some quite interesting features. It works great for reading at night.

But, this is a very expensive product. So, I checked it thoroughly to see if it’s worth the price.

Throughout the article, I have tried to find out the answer whether it would be wise to spend such kind of money to buy the product or not. Hopefully, my effort will help you to make a better decision.

Product overview

With a modern design and built-in smart lighting technology, BenQ e-reading LED desk lamp provides wide lighting coverage, flicker-free lighting, adjustable color and temperature settings.

You will get a premium feel with its extraordinary design. Because of the innovative design, and premium look obviously it will attract your attention.

Though the lamp especially designed for e-reading, but it can be used for almost any task in where you need enough light. It can be perfect for a student, designer, engineer, architect, even for gaming purposes.

Excellent lighting quality with more than 50,000 hours lifespan, high quality ball-joint construction of elbows, heavy base gives the desk lamp a sturdy build quality.

Common features

Intelligent e-reading mode: BenQ integrated a built-in sensor that will detect ambient lighting and deliver the perfect illumination for working in front of digital screens.

Mood lighting: It is very easy to switch from warm (for casual reading) to cooler (for concentration or official tasks) light.

Wider lighting coverage: With a curved cap, highly flexible swing arm and ball joints, it has 150% wider lighting coverage than the average desk lamp.

Long lifespan: You won’t need to replace the lamp for a long time as the LED panel has 50,000 hours lifespan. That means, if you use the lamp 8 hours a day, you can use it for 17 years.

Zero flicker technology: To protect the eyes from strain and maintain healthy vision, it provides constant flicker-free and evenly distributed lighting.


It has better build quality than any other desk lamp available in the market. Every part of the lamp is robust. High quality Metal has been used to construct the lamp.

The body of the lamp consists of 2 adjustable arms and a lamp head. The round-shaped base is huge and heavy enough which helps to keep the lamp stable and allows to adjust the arms easily.

It has a nice padding under the base to prevent it from slipping.

The unique curved head (they call it “Smile curve technology”) is the most interesting part of the lamp which makes it distinct from other lamps and solves all lighting problems.

The head is connected to the body via a ball joint, so it can be rotated very easily.

Besides the metal ring, a knob has been used to adjust the brightness level and color temperature manually. By pressing this knob you can easily shift the brightness and color temperature mode. By twisting this knob you can manually adjust the brightness level in brightness mode and change the color temperature in color temperature mode.

What’s best on this

Changes and fluctuations of voltage supply can cause flickering and constant exposure to flickering can cause a negative impact on the human body. It can cause headaches, migraines and eye discomfort, which negatively affects the productivity.

In this lamp, BenQ incorporated zero flicker technology that provides constant flicker-free and evenly-distributed illumination. This will protect your eyes from strain and provide comfort while working on your digital screen. So, you can focus more on your work or reading.

Super easy to turn on and off. There’s a metal ring to control the lamp. You can on/off the light by touching the ring.

If you touch and hold the ring for a few seconds, it will active “e-reading eye-care mode”. Actually, the lamp automatically adjusts the temperature and brightness of the light based on the surroundings.

This means if you need a brighter light or a dimmer light or a different temperature light, it will automatically sense that and change that for you.

The lamp can be bent in any direction, but you don’t need to do much, because the curved design of the light source has the ability to easily illuminate every part of your workspace.

It’s not too big that a lot of space will be needed and not too small that it can’t illuminate the entire working area of a desk.

It will not illuminate only a specific area, rather, it will illuminate the entire workspace to reduce glare and improve visibility.

With a floor stand extension (need to buy it separately), you can transform the desk lamp into a modern floor lamp. If you think the base is taking up much space on your desk, you can buy a desk clamp and use it as a Clamp desk lamp.

All the materials used in this lamp have passed international safety standards and are compliant with EU Directive, RoHS (2002/95/EC). Eco-friendly materials which are not only good for you but also for the earth.

It’s best for you if

If you spend a lot of time reading and writing at your desk, or doing a lot of work in front of a computer screen, you may equip yourself with this desk lamp for the comfort of your eyes.

It can be a perfect addition to the office of any engineer, architect and even for students who have late-night study habits.

If you have a desk with a computer screen in it and you use it for reading and writing or doing handy crafts, you can definitely go for it for a better lighting experience.

If you want constant flickering-free light, brighter light and you want to adjust the lighting temperature accordingly with your mood, this can be a good choice. 

If you have a desk with a large workspace on it and want to evenly light up the entire desk so that you can see everything on the desk comfortably, then this is the best option for you.

If you have a desk or workstation with multiple monitors, this BenQ e-reading desk lamp has the ability to ensure proper lighting without creating monitor glare.


The price is very high. People may not want to spend such kind of money for a desk lamp.

The base of the lamp is really huge. It will take much space if you have a smaller desk.

Installation details

It’s very easy to assemble. You just need to attach the arm to the base. The base is really heavy. So, it will remain stable and solid on your desk. 

Product Specifications

Weight4.72 kg
MaterialAluminum, Zinc
Wattage18 watts
Bulb typeLED
Color Temperature2700 – 5700 kelvin
Power input100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Illuminance1800 lux at 40 cm & 1250 lux at 50 cm height
LED lifetime50,000 hours
Product Color VariationBlue, Gold, Silver
Final verdict

It is designed for people who sit and stare at their monitor for multiple hours a day. It will reduce strain and stress on your eyes by producing sufficient and accurate lighting.

A great thing with this lamp is there’s absolutely no glare on the screen. No glare means we can spend more time in front of digital screens.

This BenQ e-reading lamp is a great lamp. If you have the budget you can definitely go for it.

If you ask me to choose a best desk lamp for the eyes, I will not have to think for a second before recommending BenQ.

If you need a good desk lamp for your office or home office, I highly recommend this. I am sure you will love it.

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