How to Choose the Perfect Bedside Reading Lamp

Bedside Reading Lamps

Do you have a habit of reading books while sitting on the bed? Do you want to get the right amount of light on your book without a glare or shadow? Then a bedside reading lamp can be a great option for you.

Actually, you can use a floor lamp or a table lamp beside your bed from where you will get enough light for reading books.

If you have a bedside table and enough surface on it, you can use a contemporary table lamp with a lampshade.

If you don’t have a bedside table or don’t have enough space on the table, you may use a floor lamp or wall fixing light.

Do you know how important lighting is for a room? It can completely transform the look and feel of a room and makes it cozy, warm and welcoming.

If you can choose a suitable reading lamp, it can bring symmetry, harmony, and perfect illumination to your bedroom.

But, choosing a reading lamp that will look great, function well is not a simple task. That’s why, we are going to guide you so that you can choose a great reading lamp for your bedroom.

Things to consider before buying bedside reading lamps

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a bedside reading lamp. Consider them to get a relaxing bedtime reading experience.

How many lamps do you need?

Generally, you need only one bedside lamp if you are the only one sleeping on your bed. But, if you have a partner and do not want to bother your partner, you will need two lamps.

If the bedroom is very large or you are using a King size mattress and two bedside tables, two bedside lamps will give you better balance and comfort. 

So you will be able to use the light from either side of the bed.

Brightness level

For the bedroom, you have to make sure you are getting enough light for reading. But, obviously, it shouldn’t be too bright.

Extreme brightness can confuse your brain and may recognize it is daylight. So, the body will produce less melatonin, which is known as the sleeping hormone and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Warmer colors like yellow don’t interfere with melatonin production and best for bedroom activities like reading.

Nowadays you will find lots of reading lamps in which you can control the brightness level.

A dimmer can fulfill multiple lighting needs. You can decrease the brightness level when you need less light and increase the brightness level when you need more light.

So, before choosing one make sure that the reading lamp has the option of controlling the brightness level.

What is the ideal Color temperature for reading in the bedroom?

Color temperature is an important thing to consider, especially for the bedroom. You have to decide whether you want warm light or cool light.

Higher color temperature represents cool light and lower temperature represents warm light.

For reading, the maximum color temperature should be 3000 kelvin and it should not be below 2700 kelvin.

What is the correct height for a bedside lamp?

Lamp height matters and especially in a bedroom. The primary purpose of the bedside lamp is to provide light for reading.

Surely you don’t want the light to shine directly into your eyes. So you have to choose a lamp that is at the proper height for reading in bed while sitting up.

The ideal height of the bedside lamp depends on the nightstand or table in where the lamp will be placed.

If the bedside table is the same height as the top of the mattress, then a 63 to 76 cm (25 to 30 inches) height would be ideal for a lamp.

If the table is relatively short compared to the bed, add an inch or two for the lamp. But a lamp taller than 36 inches will be too tall.

Think about the Style

The bedroom is your sanctuary, a personal and intimate living space. So, the room should be decorated in such a way that your mind becomes fresh and calm.

A perfect lamp can completely change your mind and make you refresh when entering your bedroom. 

So, you need to choose a right reading lamp that can highlight your taste, look gorgeous and enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you to choose a perfect reading lamp for your bedroom.

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